"As long as I can remember I've had a love for design and the eager to create, understand and fix."

This drove me to start learning HTML back in 2000, with a book my dad actually bought for himself, but never really had the chance to read. From there on I learned to work with software like Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator. And continued with CSS, PHP & Javascript.

For a brief moment during highschool I thought of pursuing a career in Automotive Design, but after some careful consideration I went on to the Grafisch Lyceum, where I studied "Digital Media Design". Here I had two internships, first at the TROS (now called AVROTROS) as Crossmedia Designer and second as Designer/Developer at SMMART.

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After a couple of years freelancing and having fun with projects like Delirium TV. Keytoe called.

Since Keytoe is a startup, job descriptions weren't set in stone. I was all over the place, from ui/ux designer to wordpress developer and from intern manager to project manager. But with the mentality, "do what needs to be done, no matter what" I gained a tremendous amount of experience over the three years I've worked there, which I'd love to share.

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David Jon is an allrounder with a focus on UX. His technical skills and design background make him a great asset for Keytoe. Cedric Muchall
Co-founder Keytoe

"I'm a designer at heart and technician at mind, but user first."

Using this combined knowledge and experience, I help finding pretty solutions for structural difficulties, in order to make websites both more functional and appealing to the visitors. I do this by taking on or guiding a project, with the user experience top of mind.

Together we can create products that your users love and use.

Need I say more?

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